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Monday, 24 January 2011

Cooking class - Thai

I had the second class yesterday at the Royal orchid in Manchester.

Again there were 10 people there including myself, 2 hosts and the chef.

In this class we learned how to make spring rolls, a lovely dipping sauce and thai green curry with chicken.

The cooking part was broken up into sections, and done in groups of 5 on gas bottle powered hobs (the sort of thing you can use when camping).

The first part was making the spring roll filling, which had to be left to cool before making the spring rolls themselves. The next part was making the curry paste (which is very simple), and then making the curry itself.

Unlike the Japanese class where I felt I learned new techniques and skills, this class was very much like a conveyer belt - you were given a bowl with an ingredient in it, told how many spoonfuls to take, and then pass it down the line. A little bit on using and preparing palm sugar was mentioned, but otherwise it was more a learn to make a specific recipe class. Due to health and safety  you weren't allowed to switch on your own hob, and the hosts deep fried your spring rolls for you.

If you went as a group for a bit of fun, and intended to sit and enjoy your meal at the end, then this class may be interesting. If you want to go to learn new cooking skills/techniques, then this class may only be interesting if you are starting out with cooking, rather than cooking regularly for yourself

2 more classes to go!

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