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Monday, 10 January 2011

Beginners attempt at sushi

My first blog is going to be about my experience last saturday.  My husband bought me a wonderful christmas present which was a cooking class in a Japanese restaurant through a company called Intafood.  The class was a 2 hour session on making sushi.

As well as the host, we had two chefs with us.  There were 10 students in the class including myself.

The class was done by a demonstration of one type of sushi, and then us making it with support from the chefs.  We did this several times for the different types of sushi we made.  At the end of it there was a LOT of sushi, which we could either enjoy in the restaurant or take away.

This was my first time at making sushi, and something I will do again.

The class was great fun, and a wonderful introduction to restaurant cooking.  I will be doing the Thai course next, in a few weeks time

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