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Monday, 23 May 2011

Chocolate lime cheesecake and cola cupcakes

Did some baking yesterday, 2 things to make up with not having made anything for 2 weeks (boiled fruit cake lasts for a very long time!!).  Both the recipes were from the Hummingbird Cake days book again.  The first was a lime and chocolate cheesecake - I only used 1/3 of the ingredients suggested as I was only making for my husband and me to eat for dessert.

The next thing that I made was cola cupcakes.  I wouldn't normally make something like this, as it requires soda stream syrup, and not having a machine buying a full size bottle would be expensive for something used so infrequently, but currently there are tester packs availalble with 7 small portions of syrup, 1 of which is enough to make one full batch of cupcakes according to the recipe.  

I have found ther is always too much frosting with these recipes, so I halved the ingredients for the frosting, and still had plenty to frost 12 cupcakes.

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