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Friday, 14 January 2011

Coffee - the new food group

Terry Pratchett postulated that there was an additional food group on top of the commonly known ones - his was burnt crunchy bits.  I believe there is a food group he ignored - coffee.

Coffee is what gets me moving in the mornings.  Without it I'm slower than a sloth on a lazy day. My morning cappuccino gives me a dose of calcium alongside its coffee goodness, my iced mocha when I'm out and about refreshes and hydrates.

But - and this is a big but - I have a problem also with coffee.  I don't like coffee flavoured things. A bag of revels is truly like the game of russian roulette seen on the TV advert.  Chocolate covered coffee beans make me wince.  Coffee syrup - bleh.  Coffee liquer - double bleh.  The only dessert (that I can think of) that I enjoy that has coffee flavour is tiramisu, and I'm sure that is because basically the base is soaked in real espresso.

So, for all you dieticians out there -



  1. Coffee has always been a food group to me. You don't even want to talk to me before I have coffee. And I am not fond of coffee in other foods either, except for chocolate, then it is yummy! Thanks for the smile!! :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the comment.

  3. I agree, Coffee should be added to any diet! My morning coffee gets all the work done for me, so does my newly introduced afternoon Turkish Coffee...
    Great post

  4. One slice or two of that Turkish coffee :)